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Straps to a cooler

No Screws
No Drilling

* Prices include straps and ratchet buckles.  All items are shipped UPS Ground with the cost for shipping added to total.

Important Notes: All orders placed from this website are subject to approval by Holzster Marine Systems, Inc. The rod racks shown on this website may include optional side panels that may be purchased separately. Coolers, fishing rods and other items depicted with the Holzster Fishing Rod Rack are not included.

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DescriptionPriceProduct Size
To Order
Three Rod Holder Rack
17 L x 12h x 4w
        Call or email
Four Rod Holder Rack
23L x 12h x 4w
       Call or email
Five Rod Holder Rack 
30 L x 12h x 4w       Call or email
Six Rod Holder Rack
$198.00 *
36L x 12h x 4w
       Call or email  
PairOptional Two Rod Holder Side Panels
10L x 12h x 4w
        Call or email