Fishing trip with the Holzster fishing rod rack

About Holzster Fishing Rod Racks

Tired of having expensive fishing rods getting bounced around the cockpit or having extra rods constantly in the way? The Holzster Strap-On Fishing Rod Rock is an easy and efficient way to add as much additional rod storage to your cockpit as you need. It allows you to keep additional rods at the ready during a blitz, or to keep them out of the way while docking or fighting fish. The rack straps securely to your cooler and is available in four sizes holding from three to siz rods. Optional side panels racks are available capable of holding two additional rods on each side. 


All Holzster Racks are made of quality materials with all stainless steel hardware, including the ratchet buckles which secure the rack to your cooler. Rod holders are made of  injection molded, UV inhibiting, high density polyethylene for strength, and the horizontal panels are constructed of marine grade polymer, making them resistant to sunlight and saltwater. The mounting straps are made from polypropylene webbing, which resists abrasion and UV rays. 


Dean Holzmann invented the Holzster Rod Rack in 2007 as a solution to having rods rigged and ready in an accessible location in the cockpit, rather than stored under the gunnels, or in an overhead rocket launcher where getting to the rods was sometimes difficult. He also found the rack to be the perfect location for rods while docking. Some anglers attach the Holzster to their dock boxes. It eliminates risk of laying rods down on the ground where they can easily be damaged, and makes cleaning at the end of the day a breeze.

Straps to a cooler

No Screws
No Drilling

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